painting rhytms gallery

Hours of rehearsals from a dancer can be very difficult to capture in an instant. A static image can obliterate the soul of the choreography. Rosi Calderon shoots her camera moving with choreography, she plays with camera exposure times and chooses to capture movement in movement. She studies the gamut of colors, shades and shadows. A completed shot from Rosi makes us submerge into the choreography as if the music is playing inside the image to grant us an experience difficult to observe with the naked eye.

“Mexico is a rich country in culture and native art. Each region has a different typical costume, music and dances, which have been going on from generations. First I started to play with the time of exposure of my camera. As time progressed, I realized that the dancers were drawing with their movements and I started dancing with my camera. I started to predict when to click by imagining the movement of the dancers. Like drawing in fractions of a second. The bodies multiplied putting together a melody of colors”
Rosi Calderon